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In Sore Thumbs we have yet another Manga with a theme around video games. How this one steals the spotlight is by not only focusing on games but by adding topographical and social humor. This seemingly fresh strip is written by Owen Gieni and Chris Crosby and focuses around the antics of the sister and brother Cecania and Fairbanks and Cecania’s friend Harmony. These antics occur in a, wait give it a minute….

Yes, it’s a video game store called Sore Thumbs. The artwork is fantastic with each main character a different extreme manga stereotype. Despite the excellent pencil work I still dislike the over use of the manga outlandish expressions which can be abundant at times. The story line keeps up the mocking with a game store moving in across the street, a boyfriend with missing valuables, and bear which can beat Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Dry 3 at the exact same time. This is a high quality that almost any comic fan should enjoy.


14 thoughts on “Review of Sore Thumbs

  1. I think you meant \’topical\’ humor. Topographical humor would be humor about the surface features of a place.

    I enjoy your blog and your podcast, keep it up!

  2. Personally, I feel that, as in many things, the writer could do with a great deal of moderation. I\’d laugh far harder at this strip if I wasn\’t constantly expecting Fairbanks to yell about everything that isn\’t God or Republican.

  3. Agreed. I occaisionally feel rather offended at the amount of republican BS that is spouted, and any comic that focues too much on Fairbanks makes me want to vomit.

  4. I don\’t even agree with conservative beliefs, but i got to say, the stereotypical evil republican routine verus the innocent caring, but maybe slightly misguided liberal routine is getting pretty damn old, and pretty damn bigotted……

  5. musique – if even reading ideas you disagree with \”makes you sick\” then you have quite a bit in common with Fairbanks!

  6. I completely missed that and must have been distracted like RGE points out. That\’s why I especially like the snow-person strip.

    One of the major joys I get from reading this strip are the extremes to which the stereotypes are taken. It is a little funny you pointed out the hard line of Fairbanks and not the naivety Cecania, neither of which are ture representations of the average Republican or Democrat.

  7. I do like the extremes to which the characters are taken, but I also feel that sometimes the strip stretches too far to make a joke. Sometimes it\’s nice to have a joke stand up for itself rather than being shoved down your throat for six panels. A little restraint can be a good thing.

  8. Come on people, you can\’t seriously be offended by a webcomic that makes fun of itself.

  9. Everybody is taking the stereotype thing way too far and becoming stereotype revievers themselves. Sore Thumbs is good for what it is.

  10. The best thing about the internet is that no one forces you to read any of it. At least the authors can\’t be blamed for pandering to anyone for hits. Chris Crosby is a genius, and Owen Gieni is a great artist. If you hate it, read something else.

  11. Sore Thumbs is extremist parody. It\’s not meant to be a realistic depiction. Eric Burns (Websnark) put it perfectly: \”These aren\’t liberals and conservatives. These are complete idiots on crystal meth and LSD.\”

  12. So the creators have political opinions.
    Are you also offended whenever the Oscars get political?

    Really, if you don\’t agree with the way the comic portrays it\’s characters, don\’t read it. And if you don\’t like it, why bitch about it? Waste of energy, really.

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