DS 502: Lynchian Acquisitions

The Craigslist Killer on LifetimeRipped from the headlines or too absurd and surreal to be believable? That’s the crux of the argument against, and for, the comic, Warm Blood. It’s ambitious in the way it trades illustrators with each changing scene, and it certainly has a mystery that is worth delving into. Will it pay off? See if you stick with it long enough to find out! Also, Steve’s unquenchable thirst for all things dank and scaly takes him to Acquisitions Incorporated. He loves the vibe and stories and thinks you will, too. Join us and Make Your Movement!


0 thoughts on “DS 502: Lynchian Acquisitions

  1. I’d seen some adverts around for Warm Blood a while back, but never got around to checking it out – interested to see what it looks like, now!
    …wait, why is there a prawn just sitting in the maths classroom…?

    I’m also loving AI C Team as well (although I’m a little behind, now) – I was listening to one of their gamecasts when I thought about doing the series on Webcomics and D&D (https://digitalstrips.com/?s=dungeons+and+dragons&submit=Search). That and World Walkers – you listen to that one, Steve? It’s entirely run by Webcomics people, so it’s a good’un 🙂
    Also, I just love the AI website, and how completely on-point it is for the AI brand 😛
    Ps – kudos on getting the poop joke in there

  2. Ugh, wait, I only just remembered that I first heard about World Walkers from this very show! Lol, the trouble one gets into when they have a terrible memory and have been following a podcast for years ;-P

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