Digital Strips Podcast 321: Review – Double Cross

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J

LL Cool J, Brad Paisley :: Jerod Harris, Getty Images

There are some interesting conversations in this episode. Possibly to the detriment of our chosen podcast topic, none of these have anything to do with webcomics. However, they are so far into left field and humorous in nature that they inspire me to write a webcomic about them. Not yet, but they inspire such an action. Anyhoo, check the Rambletron section below for some of those discussions.

I took a look at a comic that, at the time, had not been recommended to us. At least, not to my knowledge. Hinges (6:51) is a pretty comic. That’s about all I know about it, after having read roughly twenty pages, but it seems like a good story and a late recommendation from a listener/creator (what up, Walter Ostlie from Shiver Bureau?) mean it must be pretty good, right? Steve’s has been testing his patience with Hobo Lobo of Hamelin (8:33), a side-scrolling comic that uses elements of HTML5 to create a comic that can only be fully enjoyed on the web. We don’t galvanize the crowd of comic creators who work on utilizing the unique creative aspects of the web enough, so here here for Steve finding this gem.

Reading comics on the web is an experience that should not be hindered based on how it is viewed (and yes, this should come off as a bit hypocritical after Hobo Lobo requires a certain browser to properly view it). Table Titans (10:40) by Scott Kurtz is such a thoroughly enjoyable experience, both with the included Tales and without, but this can be marred when trying to read the comic at certain resolutions. The site does its best to respond to the differing viewing sizes, but on an iPad 2, the comic is unreadable due to a bottom portion being cut off. Considering the pedigree, both of the creator and the fiction from which the work is derived (that being accept-no-substitutes D&D), this is unacceptable and should be fixed ASAP.

Knowing ahead of time the downer turn that our review is about to take, I figured something light and fluffy in the midshow break would suffice nicely. What’s lighter and fluffier than Kirby, the powerful pink vaccum? Nothing I say. Nothing. Enjoy halc’s remix of “Blowing Bubbles in Space” from Kirby Super Star (13:56).

Steve likes cop stories. I’m not opposed to them, so long as they’re good. Double Cross (17:52) creates a clear divide between us in this regard. Sure, we ramble in our discussion, but we hone in on what it is that we disagree upon and ultimately end up in a place where we can both appreciate the work that this comic does.

The Rambletron consists of the following topics: Jason’s high school yin-yang phase, how a little Ice-T makes everything better, why the secret to a happy life is apparently consistent pooping, and we introduce you to Steve Shinney: the original accidental racist. Also, help me convince that a “Nazi phase” is not normal for any child, even in Idaho.


Digital Strips 320 – Review: The Sundays

I’m posting this on Sunday (still technically where I live), because we’re reviewing The Sundays! What more do you people want form me?

We start things off this week with a whole lot of love for a whole lot of puppets. After the usual Muppets jokes, we get deep into various kids’ shows. It’s a bit shame how much we know about these things, but then again we to talk about comics for 30 minutes every week so we’re a bit kooky from the get go.

After than we get into the dangers that are the Eisner award and all the ant genitals they bring. We have read (most) of them until just now so it’s a new, more fluid Digital Strips experience than we’ve had normally. We talk about Jason’s newly discovered sexual inadequacies, Steve’s abhorrence of Capitalism, how sci-fi and fantasy sometimes get freaky with each other, dead geese and finally skirt around the question of what makes a real web comic (answer: anything Steve doesn’t think he can beat up)

The middle section was brought to life by the phrase I most wished to have gotten recorded. “The last time I dropped a fat beat my buddy wet his pants.”

When we get into the review of the comic itself things get a bit more normal for us. We talk about art and writing and about how we disagree about pretty much everything were this is concerned we disagree about just about all of it. I don’t want to spoil too much for you guys, but we may need podcaster couples counselling after this one.

Ant Comic – 6:15
Bandette – 7:45
It will All Hurt – 9:15
Our Blood Stained Roof – 10:15
Oyster War – 11:15
Middle music


Digital Strips Podcast 319: Horizons Watch feat. Project Ballad and The Untold Tales of Bigfoot

Chili cheese tater tots ... mmmmmm ...Before we kick into our usual shenanigans, we must take a moment to remember the passing of Roger Ebert. No matter the size of the impact we make in this world, our critical eyes have been informed by his knack for taking criticism and analytical thinking to another level and he will certainly be missed. Now then, do you like your comics whimsical or do you enjoy being forced to wear your thinking cap for every single, last panel? Good news for you then, because this is Horizons Watch, and we have plenty of both on tap! Before we get to those promising young comics though, let’s delve into What We’ve Been Reading:

Also, news, wherein we find out about two promising comics that are so far away on the horizon, we can’t even see them yet:

The midshow break probably seems like a rerun, but I promise it is original, Digital Strips content. You can groove to a remix of the underwater theme from Donkey Kong Country by The Distortionist titled, “Submerged in Ambiance” (11:25, a tune that I featured in that same spot several shows back) and hear me (Jason) talk about what a bad idea it is to eat chili cheese tater tots twice in one day. What is not in our usual toolbox, however, is me bringing the more serious comic to our Horizons Watch while Steve finds a more whimsical comic to show off. So savor the flavor, because it’s not likely to happen again:

And Bigfoot reminded us of a few other comics as well:

All this, plus: Jason finished Bioshock Infinite in (his) record time, why you shouldn’t travel all the way to Utah just to do a drive-by on Steve, what in the Lord’s name is a “chalking blot”, why mercantile is not a word which should ever be spoken, and the exciting follow-up to Bigfoot, The Untold Tales of Hairy Bowling Pin! Enjoy!


Digital Strips Podcast 318 – Book Club – Gunnerkrigg Court, Third Edition

Today I think I ate my yearly allotment of jelly beans so I really need to lay down, so I’ll keep the write up short and my apologies for it even shorter.

This week it’s round three of Digital Strips Book Club vs Gunnerkrigg Court. So far I think we’re winning.

We come up with a new way to fantasize about Jason, talk about Scott Kurtz doing Scott Kurtzy things, Jason finds his new calling in life and new a rival in Wolf Blitzer. After a brief chat on how expensive microphones are, we talk about what Jason hasn’t been reading and what Steve has been, even though it sounds like Jason will soon be reading it too. We talk about the death of Google Reader and what it means to Web comics (spoiler alert, bupkiss). All this and Jason’s best worst attempt at creating an alternate universe.

After slash during that, we talk about the last 200 pages of Gunnerkrigg Court, if you’re not reading along with us, now is a great time to join in, because I think thinks are really warming up and starting to point at something happening.

But hey, what do I know?

Show notes.

Octopus Pie (Merideth Gran)
Scenes from the Multiverse (John Rosenburg)
Gutters (Ryan Sohmer)
Girls with Slingshots (Danneille Corrseto)
Botched Spot
Over like Olav
Nightmare Pro Wrestling
Middle Music
Middle of the End Music