Digital Strips 239 – Horizons Watch Sfeer Theory and 14 Nights

I’m super sorry that this show is 3 days late. I’ve got family stuff coming out of my ears and other body holes right now and as much as I’ve tried to avoid it, my real life is effecting my Internet life. You know how it goes.

Anyway here is the latest episode, full of Steve and Jason growing as people. This was a hard show to make, because it was so different from the everything else we have ever done. It’s a good thing though, it’s important for us to not make poop jokes for a while.

This week, through honestly no planning of our own, we ended up Horizon’s Watching the first two comics featured on our show to be heavily based around homosexual love stories. Sfeer Theory and 14 Nights talk about life and love in ways two uber-immature nerds normally don’t talk about in a podcast but we sure try.

Tune in to see how we do.

We also talk about several other comics, I didn’t make not of where in the podcast we mentioned them. You can still check out the links at your own pace.
Valve Comic
Cynide and Happiness
Toothpaste of dinner
Portal Vids
President Ackerman Vid
Much the Miller’s Son
Smooth and Natural


Digital Strips 238 – Review: Mystery Solved

There are many mysteries in the world that not even the mighty power of the Internet can solve. Like why bacon is so awesome or how the CW is still around. There are other things that are not quite so mysterious, like why thousands of local singles are always looking for me.

Also not mysterious, is the fact that day in and day out Jason and I are scouring the Web looking for more comics and bringing some of them to your attention. This week, we present Mystery Solved by Zach Kruse and friends for you’re approval. Actually our approval, but if you guys comment then your approval becomes equally important.

This comic is different from most, it rotates artists like I rotates favorite Dr. Who. It also sets out to lay down the law on many paranormal phenomenon where as most comics just try to put boobs on them (although this comic actually does that too, check out the Bigfoot arc).

We also talk about Willy Wonka, Jason’s new iPad 2, lighting one’s own butt on fire and much much more.

Sorry I don’t have time to work all the show notes into well crafted paragraphs, so here is a list with links and show times.

7:30 Bug, Robot Beach, Geeks of steel
7:45 DJ Coffman hosting advice, Skin Horse
8:00 John Rosenburg
8:30 Activate, The Revolution will be Televised
10:00 Zarah’s paradise
16:00 Guns of Shadow Valley
16:30 Space Time Condominium
25:30 Woody After Hours


Digital Strips Presents “Put Up or Shut Up: The Random Digital Strips Podcast” (A Digital Strips/Audioboo Production)

Steve and I decided that enough people have told us they love the podcast that we’re taking our interests and broadening things by introducing a new show! It’s called Put Up or Shut Up and it’s hosted exclusively on Audioboo. That service is perfect for mini-podcasts, so we’re tossing up our random thoughts, webcomics-related or otherwise, for your listening pleasure.

We’re not gumming up the works for our main podcast feed with this (or any other) new show(s), but Audioboo is so awesome that the basic feed options are already included right out of the box!

Have a listen to the first episode, “Mexican Food”, and stay tuned for more geeky goodness from this humble two-man wrecking crew!


Digital Strips 237 : RATE Ep1

OK, in our tireless efforts to revolutionize the world of Web Comics Podcastery we’ve create a new show type. I teased ya’ll with it last week and now here it is in the digital (strips) flesh. RATE Rough Around The Edges where we take a look at the comics we would otherwise skip. The point here is not to be douchey and we hope we don’t come off that way. We’re just hoping to talk about a lot of the common mistakes that new creators make and hopefully help other people avoid them.

And get ice cream. We always want ice cream.

We start by delving into Steve’s horrible parenting style and why his kids hates him, and then we talk about the scariest movie ever to feature David Bowie’s junk Labyrinth and Steve throws a pitch for That Guy with the Glasses’s Nostalgia Chick’s review of the movie (2:00).

After that we learn about the 3DS and how an excess of Ds makes Jason barf. Then we graciously cut out 4 minutes of Steve being stuck in a van in China with 3 middle ages barfing women.

At the 5 minute mark we start the news, talking about the Super F-ers (5:00), Not Invented Here (5:45), Octopus Pie (6:30), Penny Arcade (7:00), Tiny Kitten Teeth (7:00) and many others.

We talk about 3eanuts (10:30) and it makes Steve sad, we talk about the episode of Bob’s Burgers with all the anuses And it made Steve happy.

Then we get down to the comics starting with Jake the Evil Hare (13:15) a comic trying hard to stand out in the black and white manga about talking animals market. We talk about backgrounds, foregrounds anda bout the evils of comic sans and Blambot, the cure for the common font. We get into the what it means to be high concept.

Then we mozey over to I’m Famous (22:40) where discuss the importance of structure and varied camera angles. And word balloons, lots about word balloons.

Then we hit Troops of Doom (29:30) and action figure photo comic. We discuss what it means to be an action figure photo comic and of course mention Twisted Kaiju Theater and Irregular Web Comic. Then chat a bit about epic stories, when they work and when they don’t.

So that’s episode one of RATE. Please let us know what you think and what we could do better. Rate us, if you will.