Digital Strips Presents “Put Up or Shut Up: The Random Digital Strips Podcast” (A Digital Strips/Audioboo Production)

Steve and I decided that enough people have told us they love the podcast that we’re taking our interests and broadening things by introducing a new show! It’s called Put Up or Shut Up and it’s hosted exclusively on Audioboo. That service is perfect for mini-podcasts, so we’re tossing up our random thoughts, webcomics-related or otherwise, for your listening pleasure.

We’re not gumming up the works for our main podcast feed with this (or any other) new show(s), but Audioboo is so awesome that the basic feed options are already included right out of the box!

Have a listen to the first episode, “Mexican Food”, and stay tuned for more geeky goodness from this humble two-man wrecking crew!


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