Digital Strips 237 : RATE Ep1

OK, in our tireless efforts to revolutionize the world of Web Comics Podcastery we’ve create a new show type. I teased ya’ll with it last week and now here it is in the digital (strips) flesh. RATE Rough Around The Edges where we take a look at the comics we would otherwise skip. The point here is not to be douchey and we hope we don’t come off that way. We’re just hoping to talk about a lot of the common mistakes that new creators make and hopefully help other people avoid them.

And get ice cream. We always want ice cream.

We start by delving into Steve’s horrible parenting style and why his kids hates him, and then we talk about the scariest movie ever to feature David Bowie’s junk Labyrinth and Steve throws a pitch for That Guy with the Glasses’s Nostalgia Chick’s review of the movie (2:00).

After that we learn about the 3DS and how an excess of Ds makes Jason barf. Then we graciously cut out 4 minutes of Steve being stuck in a van in China with 3 middle ages barfing women.

At the 5 minute mark we start the news, talking about the Super F-ers (5:00), Not Invented Here (5:45), Octopus Pie (6:30), Penny Arcade (7:00), Tiny Kitten Teeth (7:00) and many others.

We talk about 3eanuts (10:30) and it makes Steve sad, we talk about the episode of Bob’s Burgers with all the anuses And it made Steve happy.

Then we get down to the comics starting with Jake the Evil Hare (13:15) a comic trying hard to stand out in the black and white manga about talking animals market. We talk about backgrounds, foregrounds anda bout the evils of comic sans and Blambot, the cure for the common font. We get into the what it means to be high concept.

Then we mozey over to I’m Famous (22:40) where discuss the importance of structure and varied camera angles. And word balloons, lots about word balloons.

Then we hit Troops of Doom (29:30) and action figure photo comic. We discuss what it means to be an action figure photo comic and of course mention Twisted Kaiju Theater and Irregular Web Comic. Then chat a bit about epic stories, when they work and when they don’t.

So that’s episode one of RATE. Please let us know what you think and what we could do better. Rate us, if you will.


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