Digital Strips 236 – Review : Remind

Happy Birthday to me boy and girls! It’s time for another fun filled episode of Digital Strips. This time we tackle Remind, by Jason Brubaker an epic tale of love, betrayal and cats in powersuits.

We start out as we often do, quickly off topic as we discuss the greatest of all heroes, the Ghostbusters. We then wander aimlessly about movies/TV/spoilers and Jason’s flaws for about five minutes.

After that we start hitting Web Comics. We get all sciencey, the only way we know how, by talking about XKCD (7:00) and the awesome radiation chart that he made to help put the nuclear events in Japan in perspective. I love talking about this comic, because it makes me feel smarter than I really am. We also chat about the changes at Superfogeys (7:30) with Mark Lapierre formally of Boxcar Astronaut.

We also briefly mention Achewood (7:45) and it’s current Hiatus. Not much more to say, no matter how hard I’ve tried, I could never get this comic. We also talk about the art theft that seems to repeatedly happen to Jess Fink.

We finally get in talk about Remind at about 14:30. We talk about its art style, its story, its characters and about how it could have been a horror story if it studied hard and but it’s mind to it. We compare it to two of our favorite comics Rice-Boy (15:45) and Lovecraft is Missing (22:15).

It’s a good time and not one to be missed by any cool guy or girl with an interest in good comics on the Web.


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