Web Comics Creation Videos

In my web comic trawl this evening I had the fortune to come across some very cool online videos. I love coming across web comic sites that include a section about how the cartoonists create their comics. In these two cases the cartoonists made videos in which you can see their process from start to finish as it happens.

First up, Krishna of PC Weenies has just recently posted the video “How I Draw The PCW (Part 1)“. Continue reading


TokyoPop Goes Wireless

Lately there has been more and more news about cartoons on cell phones. Here’s yet another one but this one is in the US. TokyoPop is teaming up with UClick to distribute Princess Ai on cell phones starting later this summer. The goal of including the Courtney Love inspired manga is to attract more of the teenager key demographic.

“We feel that teenagers – who are our core audience – are into cell phones,” said Kathryn Klingler, director of licensing for TokyoPop.

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Anthony P. Furtado’s Underground Pop Launches

We got word from artist Anthony P. Furtado that he has recently launched Underground Pop, an online collection of all his various comic works. This impressive and well polished collection features several very different stories and settings that, as far I’ve seen, are all very entertaining. So far, “Brain Fish” has been my favorite.

Here is the announcement in Anthony’s own words,

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Re-Introducing Zampzon and Daku

The more observant of you may notice a slight change to our logo and character icons in the blog posts. I redesigned the Zampzon and Daku characters to make them more, hmm, comic-ish. The other ones weren’t quite right for playing around.

To help launch the characters I created three comic strips with them to just try them out. So here are the very first Digital Strips : The Comic:

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DS 25: Interview with Christian and Madsen

Digital Strips : Show 25 [10.8mb]
This week we interview Christian and Madsen, the creators of Little Gamers. This is a daily gag strip featuring iconicly designed characters cracking wise about video games, movies, other web comics, and pop culture in general all with an attitude that betrays the otherwise “cute” look to their strip. During the interview they discuss how they got started, art for art’s sake vs. art for commerce, and their opinions of other web comics.This week we talk about the following web comic:

  • Little Gamers by Christian and Madsen
  • Continue reading


    Ocular Trauma Seeks Guest Strips

    Long time listener and supporter of the Digital Strips podcast, Wade Clarke, has let us know about a contest he is holding for his web comic Ocular Trauma. Wade is asking for people to submit guest comics from which a random selection will be made as the winner. Wade’s comic is a daily, single panel gag comic that usually deals with absurdist, sometimes dark, humor.

    He describes his comic as such, ‘One panel every weekday of contemporary/ absurd/ vile/ cute/ strange/ poignant/ laughy humour, Continue reading


    DS 24: Interview with Scott Kurtz p3

    Digital Strips : Show 24 [8.6mb]
    Today we feature part 3 of an interview with Scott Kurtz, the creator and artist behind PVP, and our conversation with Eric Burns, the writer behind the excellent comic review site Websnark. In this part of the ongoing conversation we discuss more about the recent documentary upset and comics fandom in general.This week we talk about the following web comic:

  • PVP Online by Scott Kurtz
  • Websnark by Eric Burns (web comic critique)
  • In case you missed the previous parts you can download them here:

  • Scott Kurtz Interview Part 1
  • Scott Kurtz Interview Part 2
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    Dandy & Company Releases Fourth Collection

    One of our early favorites reviewed was Dandy & Company by Derrick Fish. The third collection was even part of our We Love Web Comics Contest. So we are excited to hear about the release of the FOURTH collection, DESTINY IN DOG YEARS, under Big Pond Comics and Cafe Press. From the Press release:

    It is 128 pages of hillarious adventure from the Dandy & Co. webstrip, along with never-before-seen sketches, creator commentary and exclusive stories! … As a bonus, Dandy & Company Volume #4: DESTINY IN DOG YEARS also includes Continue reading


    Gaming Comics in The News ~Sentinel

    It looks like maybe Leslie Walker started a domino of interest. Starting with her post in the Washington Post her article was reprinted in the LA Times, Biz Report, and DetNews.com. Despite the not so warm reception of the web comic community it was still coverage and exposure for a group of people who can only really count about 10 success stories.

    The story doesn’t end there though. The Fort Wayne News~Sentinel has a fresh new article by Levi Buchanan that is pretty short but talks about Penny-Arcade, PvP, and CAD. Continue reading