Anthony P. Furtado’s Underground Pop Launches

We got word from artist Anthony P. Furtado that he has recently launched Underground Pop, an online collection of all his various comic works. This impressive and well polished collection features several very different stories and settings that, as far I’ve seen, are all very entertaining. So far, “Brain Fish” has been my favorite.

Here is the announcement in Anthony’s own words,

Underground Pop is an anthology site featuring some of my older webcomics such as Tween: The Bad Mojo Saga, Judging Man, which were both featured on the ModernTales site, as well as a few other little ditties including the 4 page Sepie’s Garden story which originally ran in the Jan 2005 issue of Heavy Metal Magazine. There will also be new comics such as Mutie which is a humorous, ecological, horror story. Part one is currently available now. All the comics on the U-POP site will be self contained. Longer stories like Mutie will be updated in multiple page chapters until completion. As with a lot of my work, the comics on the site may contain mature themes.

I highly recommend having a look.


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