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In my web comic trawl this evening I had the fortune to come across some very cool online videos. I love coming across web comic sites that include a section about how the cartoonists create their comics. In these two cases the cartoonists made videos in which you can see their process from start to finish as it happens.

First up, Krishna of PC Weenies has just recently posted the video “How I Draw The PCW (Part 1)“. In his video we see Krishna himself introduce the video, then goes on to make a sketch using red pencil in his sketchbook, scan in the sketch, and begin to polish the finished cartoon on his computer. Funny how a comic called PC Weenies is created on a Mac. Krishna walks the viewer through his use of sketching, the hardware he uses, and his PhotoShop inking and coloring techniques. It’s a very useful and interesting video.

The other “how to” video I came across is over at the web comic Extra Life, where Scott Johnson has just recently posted “… a step by step on how we create our strips.” In this video we see Scott first introduce himself and then a tour of his work space. He goes through his sketching and inking process and is careful to explain each piece of equipment and tool he uses. We see him scan in the drawing and we are walked through his PhotoShop process to completion. His techniques are a little different from Krishna, so it’s great to see alternative ways of doing things. By the way, is this like the 80th cartoonist named “Scott” in web comics?

Very useful information here and a really entertaining way to present it. Check them out!


4 thoughts on “Web Comics Creation Videos

  1. hehe…Weenies posted up their video after seeing mine according to his comments in my blog. I did not know he even posted it yet! Checking it out now. keep up the good work, guys! – Scott

  2. Thanks for the inspiration, Scott!

    Guys, Scott came up with the idea first – I figured that was motivation enough for me to try my hand at a demo too. 🙂

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