Episode 429: Dream That Dream, You Beautiful Dreamer

Open World RPG on KickstarterWe promise never to talk about Kickstarter again … if you just indulge us with this first segment dedicated almost solely to a Kickstarter. But this one’s got everything! Empty promises! Impossible goals! Lying! Deceit! And dreaming! Oh, the dreaming. Once the guys come down from that high, the second segment brings some older but great comics to check out, like Trailer Park Warlock and My Blacks Don’t Match, as well as a newer homage comic for the Demon’s/Dark Souls series of games. Enjoy and may the Farce be with you.


Digital Strips Podcast 325 – reMINDer: Catch Up With An Awesome Comic

Garfield loves lasagnaJason shows just how little he and Garfield the Cat have in common and Steve gets schooled in comic book trivia. Also, webcomics.

Whatcha’ Been Readin’:

Other things we like, and news (or news outlets, as the case may be; Gary, let us know if you’d like to form a partnership or something):

Donkey Kong has received a lot of break music love lately, but why not give the Game Boy iterations a proper spotlight? “Banananaz” by Chiwalker (15:15) fits that bill nicely.

It’s good to take some time to catch up with great comics that have fallen off our radar, and reMIND by Jason Brubaker (19:35) is certainly a story worth experiencing. Multiple times. He creates a world that is both familiar and fantastical, bringing with it a sense of wonder and nostalgia. The story is scheduled to wrap up in October, so do yourself a favor, take an hour or so, and catch up with us.

Also, Steve thinks the hero’s body type is like that of Kilo Monster from Monster’s Garden (23:30). He’s not completely wrong.

For those interested in less comic-related topics, Jason finds yet another reason to hate Kid Rock, we wonder how many people AREN’T watching Strip Search, and yes, Steve stopped in the middle of a discussion about comics to relate a story about his son’s poop. Enjoy!