DS 645: Doc and the Deathbot

He’s a plague doctor with a heart and he’s a murderous robot sent from the future to save us from a deadly pandemic. Together, they are Doc and the Deathbot, and Steve Ogden is here to give this buddy adventure a sense of humor just a bit too edgy for the Sunday morning funnies (is that still a thing?). Hear our review in addition to news about Kill Six Billion DemonsTom Parkinson-Morgan’s RPG fun and the fourth season of Urban Animal kicking off. Now grab a friend and go have some hijinks!


Episode 379: You Can’t Shart Someone Else (Horizons Watch feat. Doctor Magnifico and Square Lake)

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii UChoose your character! Will you be a lanky doofus who played video games on his graduation day? Or a hat-wearing dork who lost his scholarship thanks to video games? Whoever you choose, you get perks for Problem Sleuth and Carciphona, plus featured weapons, Doctor Magnifico and Square Lake. Now … SMASH!

The midshow music is provided by Nitro Fun.


Episode 362: Never Judge A Book By It’s Horned, Winged Cover (Review feat. Demon Kings)

Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon NetworkWonder Twin powers… ACTIVATE! Form of… webcomics podcast! When we’re done waxing nostalgic about the relative ancient history of comic book-inspired animated TV series, we take turns peeking at Star Spun and Doctor Magnifico. After a break involving creating yet another character for Jason to live vicariously through, we help fight the good fight on the side of the GOOD demons as we review Demon Kings. Listen in, because demons are people, too.

Midshow music: “The Place That Won’t Take Me Back” by I Am Not Lefthanded.