Digital Strips Episode 499: Looking Back To Look Ahead

Japanese poster for Street Fighter II: The Animated MovieBefore they look to the horizon and gaze into the future of what Digital Strips might be, the guys pause to look back, at the year that was (in comics, don’t worry, we’re not looking at ANYTHING else) and recall their favorite finds from 2017.

Comics mentioned:


Digital Strips Episode 474: Big Long Sigmund Freud Joke

Sigmund Freud pick-up linesWe can’t get enough pop culture and great mixtures of longform, one-off jokes, and Port Sherry fulfills all of those needs! Also, Existential Comics will make you feel dumb, until the penis jokes kick in and it’s all gravy. Finally, Precious Rascals is exactly what it sounds like and you will be so happy it is.