Digital Strips Episode 499: Looking Back To Look Ahead

Japanese poster for Street Fighter II: The Animated MovieBefore they look to the horizon and gaze into the future of what Digital Strips might be, the guys pause to look back, at the year that was (in comics, don’t worry, we’re not looking at ANYTHING else) and recall their favorite finds from 2017.

Comics mentioned:


Digital Strips Podcast 270 – Review – Next Town Over

Gonna keep this short and sweet as we’re behind in posting this, our last podcast of 2011, and real-life complications have kept me from whipping up a true notes write-up. Apologies to our featured comic review, Next Town Over by Erin Mehlos, because it deserves much better than this. It is a truly great comic that only has upward momentum left in its future.

Rambletron topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Christmas spankings
  • “The Move”
  • Steve’s dominion over you ALL
  • Semen Week feat. Dickerdoodles
  • The Owen reveal in Paul Southworth’s final Not Invented Here installments
  • Doughnuts (but not just any doughnuts… trust me, just listen)