Episode 443: Call Me Al?

Richard Karn as Al Borland from Home ImprovementJason wants to talk about his time with the Overwatch beta, while Steve is hung up on Paul Simon tunes. Luckily, there is room for both on this podcast! However, there is not enough room in their precious lives for all the webcomics of the world, so it’s time for another Webcomic Colonic! On the chopping block this time are some fine comics, including Monsieur Charlatan, Judecca, Garfield Minus Garfield, PLOX, Hominids, and Unicorn Soup. Stay tuned after the outro to find out how Steve narrowly avoided being peed on as a youth.


Episode 432: What About B.o.B.?

Beef trademarkOne half of the Digital Strips crew loves Twitter beeves. One half couldn’t care less, especially when it’s between an American astrophysicist and a hip-hop artist. Which half is the better one? While you think about that and whether or not a Wonderella movie starring H. Jon Benjamin would be the best thing (hint: it would), you can also listen for some hot takes on webcomics! Jason works in some wrestling conversations around the comic tie-ins for Lucha Underground, while Steve brought Tumbledry and Plox for the two of them to enjoy and discuss. Stick around after a short outro for instructions on how to form your own children’s Power Ranger Zord. It’s … more complicated than you might think.


Episode 364: Big Bang or Better? (Review feat. PLOX)

Chili cheese fries with nacho cheeseJason wants cheese fries and Steve is no help (nacho cheese on your fries is the first and worst mistake you can make). To satisfy your webcomics cravings, we chat briefly about Agnes Quill and Skullchaser before dissecting the gamer-centric comic, PLOX. Speaking of dissecting, the bug talk in the midshow gets creepy and gnarly. You’ve been warned.

Our midshow features the track, “Immune To All” from the album, Metal Works.