Digital Strips Episode 485: Webcomic Colonic II: The Cleansing

Clean. Out. The. Fridg. E.The ol’ daily feeds are getting too big again, so it’s time to clean things up with another Webcomic Colonic. Listen in for some fantastic webcomics that Jason and Steve won’t be keeping up with anymore, including: Banquet, Tove, Never Satisfied, Sinfest, Parallax, and Life, Love, and Video Games.


Episode 398: Go Include Yourself (Horizons Watch feat. Frostblight Saga and Parallax)

Vasectomy Madness from Virginia UrologyIt’s madness, y’all! March, that is. After the guys run down all the hot sports scores, it’s time to get down to what they do best: webcomics. There’s talk about Superfogeys coming back soon, Loading Artist becoming a full-time comic, and quick hits on A Small Revolution and Octopus and Bunny. Finally, a Horizons peek at Frostblight Saga and Parallax. At the buzzer … IT’S GOOD!!!


Episode 395: Reign It In (Review feat. The Last Halloween)

The Firefly MMONo matter which color you see, you can trust that we talk about wrestling, Steven Universe, and why bad things happen to good shows. That, plus looks at comics like Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, Parallax, and The Last Halloween. Stick around after the brief outro music for a discussion of the upcoming Mortal Kombat game.

The midshow music is provided by Baq5.