A Short History of Time Travel: Part Two

Last week, we looked at the way webcomics such as StarslipHomestuck and Girl Genius, each have used time travel as part of their narrative – specifically, the time travel trope known as a stable time loop. But in an alternate reality out there somewhere, that was the topic for today’s post instead – and last week was when we stopped to look at how time travel can result in the future you left looking much different to how you remembered it, upon your return… Continue reading


Episode 395: Reign It In (Review feat. The Last Halloween)

The Firefly MMONo matter which color you see, you can trust that we talk about wrestling, Steven Universe, and why bad things happen to good shows. That, plus looks at comics like Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, Parallax, and The Last Halloween. Stick around after the brief outro music for a discussion of the upcoming Mortal Kombat game.

The midshow music is provided by Baq5.


Digital Strips Podcast 243 – Say Man One More Time And I Will Gut You (Review – Manly Guys Doing Manly Things)

Listening to this, the manliest episode of Digital Strips ever, is guaranteed to put hair on your palms. Or is it, if you listen to this while… you know what, just trust that this episode has more testosterone that fifty of Tim Allen’s grunts and we’ll be good.

For the foreseeable future, consider the first segment to be a a free-for-all session, not unlike… well, not unlike another mini-podcast we’re doing weekly on the Audioboo network called Put Up or Shut Up. Our topic this time around, if you can call it that, is the so-called Rapture that was scheduled for Saturday the 21st. We also delve a bit into the joys of CSI memes and random sound effects that Steve has always pined for.

We’ve also got recommendations for a couple other podcasts we think you’d like:

And we can’t talk movies and webcomics without mentioning my favorite movie-centered comic:

Taking us into the second segment is an Overclocked Remix courtesy of Sixto Sounds from the butchest of video game series, Double Dragon, titled, “The Streets of Sosetsuken” (8:38). And in that second segment, as always, is the Digital Strips News Minute!

In particular, I must speak to the shortest of short clips that we used to represent the new Scott and Kris show. I mentioned in the show that their brand of comedy is very hit-or-miss for me, but after seeing the entire clip they have posted at the Kickstarter site (basically a pilot for the coming series), I can safely say that this is something I’m greatly looking forward to.

Marching with manliness, we join Kill Me Tomorrow with their rhythmic groove, “Attendance” (17:20) as they carry us into the third segment, where we are pumped and primed to review the macho video game comic…

I admit upfront my bias towards video game webcomics, but with at least a few criticisms about this one, I think I found enough different tweaks to the formula to call this one worthy of our attention. Steve would certainly agree with that theory. Plus, a dude beats Pokemon to death with another Pokemon, thus leveling it up. After all the gaming comics I’ve read, that is one joke I’ve not seen before.

As always, this comic made us think of several others:

Not tired of us yet? Stick around after the close for some outtakes, featuring, among other things, eye boogers, Batman vs. The Sore Throat, and The Race Of The Centurrryyyyyyyyyyyy!