DS 719: Review of Immaterial

Ross is showered with sugar packets while going through his recently-deceased grandmother's closet on the TV show, Friends

We check out news from Kendra Phillips and Nathan Stevenson before fearing the holes we might really be into, Marie Kondoing the heck out of our lives, showing stoicism in the face of abject weirdness, and drawing the most beautiful junk you’ve ever seen with Immaterial by Sarah Ellerton in this week’s ferret-led episode of Digital Strips!


DS 706: Review of Fairmeadow

A shot of Man-Bat from Batman: The Animated Series

We give up our combative ways and join a commune where the squash is succulent, anyone can be a wizard if they try hard enough, and bat men are full of wonder and mystery with our review of the peacefully distanced Fairmeadow by Kendra P in this episode of Digital Strips!