DS 638: Honey and Venom

Travel back in time with us in the name of love! Also, be reincarnated with us, also in the name of love. In Honey and Venom by Kurzz, a goddess and her priestess can never be separated, not by time or space, especially when true love is possibly on the line. This bubbly, fun story is sure to capture your heart and wow your fashion sense, leaving you rooting for destined love even more than a shocked Midnight Cartooner is now!


DS 637: Pound

Jack Jack from The Incredibles blasts green lasers from his eyes

It’s not the Pound Puppies gritty reboot that Jason was hoping for, but Pound by Tony Karnowski Orlando Caicedo is all about fighting, metahumans, and MORE FIGHTING. In a world where fights could be around every corner, Leo Guerrero must be ready to go all day every day while trying to help his brother survive another day from his deteriorating disease. Ring the bell and step between the ropes to go a few rounds with this fun, rough romp!


DS 636: Silverback

The world of Richard Macrae’s Silverback is full of superheroes and supervillains, and is lacking in evidence as to which is which. It’s a throwback to the Silver Age while also being full of tropes, cliches, and loads of fun. While we wish the site it lives on were more modern, you shouldn’t miss this wild, evil ride!


DS 635: Webcomic Name

Alex Norris’ Webcomic Name will have you saying oh no over and over, but in a good way! It’s a comic that dwells on the negative and depressing elements of life, but with such joy and whimsy that you won’t get lost in just how meaningless life really is. It also abstracts forms to both fascinating and terrifying effect and must be read to be believed!



Eddie Valiant from Who Framed Roger Rabbit holds the singing sword

It can be hard to stick to the point and really cut to the heart of a matter, but Matthew Wills does just that with SWORDS, his love letter to all things sharp and pointy. While Jason gets a bit less of a kick out of the running gag than Steve does, both guys appreciate the dedication to the gag and the ability to get so much humor out of such a narrow subject. Unsheathe your best weapon and prepare to take on the gauntlet of sword-based puns and jokes with us!