DS 718: Review of Shot and Chaser

Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt feature in an image based on the film, Twister, which also shows a cow being flung by the titular villain

We run down news from Alex Norris, Jack McGee, and Evan Dahm before hopping in our station wagon and chasing both storms and our biggest fears away in the promising horizons of Shot and Chaser, in this week’s calm-before-the-storm episode of Digital Strips!


DS 635: Webcomic Name

Alex Norris’ Webcomic Name will have you saying oh no over and over, but in a good way! It’s a comic that dwells on the negative and depressing elements of life, but with such joy and whimsy that you won’t get lost in just how meaningless life really is. It also abstracts forms to both fascinating and terrifying effect and must be read to be believed!