DS 637: Pound

Jack Jack from The Incredibles blasts green lasers from his eyes

It’s not the Pound Puppies gritty reboot that Jason was hoping for, but Pound by Tony Karnowski Orlando Caicedo is all about fighting, metahumans, and MORE FIGHTING. In a world where fights could be around every corner, Leo Guerrero must be ready to go all day every day while trying to help his brother survive another day from his deteriorating disease. Ring the bell and step between the ropes to go a few rounds with this fun, rough romp!


DS 601: Review of Urban Animal

The first episode on the other side of our first 600 takes a look at Urban Animal, a comic on Webtoons from a talented team who took inspiration from everything from Filipino folklore to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and created a great tale of teenagers transforming into animals. Jason prefers John Hughes-type lame parents to the cool mom and dad in this comic, but Steve is just concerned the libido of a wolf might be more than a young man/chimera can handle.