Pro Grapplers Episode 38: Payback-Per-View

Oscar the Grouch from Sesame StreetAlistair Black is an awesome kickboxing vampire, we think. There are other things to talk about that don’t matter as much, but we’ll run them down anyways. We do have questions, like: is a dumpster threatening when worn as shoes? Does Ziggler think owning a monkey and a ferris wheel is a bad thing? Are Breezango really the number one contenders for the SD Tag Titles? When will Jack Gallagher finally get his due? When will the Hardyz break, and will Cesarmus be the ones to do it? Does Steve think of Joe vs. Lesnar in bed? Will Jinder ever return the WWE Title? And just what ARE Great Balls of Fire?


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 32: We’ve All Peed In The Mayonnaise

Scar from The Lion King sings "Be Prepared"When it comes to vomiting, it’s best to act like a Boy Scout and be prepared. Also, are all Target bathroom sinks designed to spray your crotch? Jason investigates. Also, Steve and his son are especially adept at finding dead men in bathrooms. Use this knowledge to determine when or if you will accompany them to the can.


Digital Strips Episode 479: Three People Does Not A Bullpen Make

Jedidiah and Octavius fight the air in Night at the MuseumThere’s middle of nowhere, and then there’s the wide expanses of Idaho. Once Steve tells Jason all about the more colorfully-named parts of his home state, it’s on to a couple of comics that show their animal instincts proudly with Scurry and Ghosts of the Gulag.


Pro Grapplers Episode 37: Home of the KFC Yum! Center

Topps trading card for WCW's LodiIf you’ve ever used one human being to hit another human being, you know how satisfying it can be. Nia Jax does it. Braun Strowman does it. Big people prefer to use smaller people as weapons, it’s canon. Also, Jason gets to educate Steve on the nuanced career of WCW’s Lodi, both guys freak out over Jinder’s current freaky body, the Colons could be a thing, Joe shouldn’t cut promos after matches any more, the perfect time to watch 205 Live, and why Strowman is STILL the best thing in WWE right now.


Searching for Strip Search – Part One

The year was 2012. America said they could (again), I launched my own webcomic (oh God, the art!) and as if in response JPEG juggernaut Penny Arcade ran their very first Kickstarter campaign. This campaign was nominally for the removal of ads from their site, but the real reason we all backed it was hidden in the stretch goals – the promise they’d create the world’s first webcomic reality game show: Strip Search. Five years on I wondered, what happened to the twelve contestants on that show which was, perhaps, before it’s time? Here’s what I found.

For those of you unfamiliar with the single-season show produced by PATV and Loading Ready Run, here’s a quick run-down. Strip Search aired online between March and June 2013, running a familiar “reality TV” format: twelve artists were picked from a multitude of applicants (yeah, including me), and proceeded to battle their way through thirty-one episodes of coaching, industry experience, and tense elimination challenges. The prize? A year working in the Penny Arcade offices, hosting and advertising through the PA site, and access to all their internal resources.

Depending on what webcomics you read, those twelve names might be a bit unfamiliar these days. I know I found most of these guys – particularly the ones eliminated early in the competition – had fallen off my radar. I wanted to know what they’d been doing over the past five years, if they were still making webcomics, and how their art and writing had developed since the show. Today, I’d like to share a bit about the first three contestants who left the show: Alex Hobbs, Ty Halley, and Lexxy Douglass. Continue reading


Today I Learned (Nothing) Episode 31: That Was Our Inside Joke, Google!

Grasshoppers are a favorite snack for Seattle Mariners fansAutocorrect is judging Jason, and he doesn’t appreciate the judgment. Steve is going out to the ballgame, and he only wants peanuts and … grasshoppers? Like, the insect? Also, priests might find it uncomfortable to take in an indie wrestling match. Shocker!


Digital Strips Episode 478: Too Much White Space

Slender Man on vacationEver hear a short guy and tall guy come to terms with the appropriate lengths of a pair of pants? Ridiculous. Luckily, this podcast is about webcomics. Together, the guys look at A Comik and Elf & Warrior.


Pro Grapplers Episode 36: MAKE BRAUN MONSTER AGAIN

The 3-Man Band, feat (from left to right): Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater, and Drew McIntyreRaise your hand if you hate ambulances! Also, Roman Reigns. If you raised them up for both, you were in luck this past week! Also, the shake-up went down and we’ve got brand-new feuds to look forward to! Ambrose/Miz! Zayn/Owens! Mahal/English! All that, plus: Wyatt and Balor will compete to see who is the silliest wrestler in WWE, the Cruiserweights made it a week to remember, and Drew McIntyre made his re-emergence in NXT.


What’s in a Name?

If you’re on this website, chances are you’re familiar with webcomic creator Evan Dahm (Rice Boy, Vattu, Order of Tales). Even if you weren’t before this week’s podcast episode, you’re probably at least now familiar with a tweet he put out on April 6 2017 questioning the relevancy of the term “webcomic” and calling the word “obsolete.” Steve and Jason had a good chat about this in the podcast, and I’m not going to rehash their arguments here but I did want to weigh in on two points myself – that webcomics have an unique identity and are, at the end of the day, still an important (if not as niche) scene.

Continue reading


Introducing Terence MacManus

Quick, without combing through the archives when was the last time we had a new Contributor on the site? Drawing a blank? Yep, me too. That’s why I’m so excited to introduce Terence MacManus as the newest member of our staff. Besides having the same last name as my previous manager he has a lot of good things going for him.

  • Long-term listener (although saying 2010 is old makes me feel even older)
  • Starting a career as a professional writer
  • Good background knowledge of webcomics (though he admits it’s not as good as Steve’s)
  • Had his own webcomic
  • Co-hosted a few episodes for the Webcomic Beacon

Let’s all give him a warm welcome as he sharpens his metaphorical writing teeth. Following (technically it will show up before) this announcement will be his first contribution to the venerable site that is our beloved Digital Strips.