DS 631: Elf & Warrior

It’s time for a new quest, and Basri and Hector, the titular Elf & Warrior from the comic by AC Stuart and Victor Rosas II, are looking for new members to join them in search of adventure and fame. Are you a mimic with an insatiable need to be full? How about a sentient tree stump with a dark side? Anyone call for a pug/goblin race with relationship issues? Sign up here today, because based on the hijinks in this comic, everyone will be considered and most will make the cut!


Digital Strips Episode 478: Too Much White Space

Slender Man on vacationEver hear a short guy and tall guy come to terms with the appropriate lengths of a pair of pants? Ridiculous. Luckily, this podcast is about webcomics. Together, the guys look at A Comik and Elf & Warrior.


Episode 393: Tiny Rock Boobs (Book Club feat. Schlock Mercenary – Vol. 5)

How you look in real life in an Assassin's Creed hoodieLOOK OUT! Here comes a spider, man. We take care of the day-to-day goings on with our Whatcha Been Readin’ picks, Crossed: Dead or Alive by Garth Ennis and Daniel Gete and AC Stuart’s Noob the Loser (beware, there be GIFs afoot) before we delve once again into the deep dark of the Schlock Mercenary archives. And after the show proper, we have an announcement about the Book Club format for future shows.

The midshow music is provided by Main Reaktor.