Digital Strips Episode 475: Fish Ships and Fish and Chips

Monty Python and the Holy Grail deals with a witchLet your hair down and hear our thoughts on a magical good time with Witchy, a comic that encourages you to grow it all out (but not too much). Steve also brings us Slack Wyrm, a comic about a saucy dragon, among other things. We also present On a Sunbeam, a comic about trolling around the galaxy in a fish ship and cleaning up the ancient messes that people leave behind. Comb it out and turn it up!


Episode 396: There Are No Moa (Review feat. M.F.K.)

Nickelback: The one, true rock bandRock Band is returning! But do Steve and Jason care? Find out the answer to that, plus their thoughts on the comics, Witchy, Patbird and Galesaur, and M.F.K. They also offer their thoughts on modern video gaming technologies and how old it all makes them feel. Can’t miss!

The midshow music is provided by Coyote Kisses.