DS 501: Badass Jaeger Moves

Create your own jaeger for Italy: Spaghetti MeatballsPost-500, we’re taking a quick timeout so Steve can explain the intricacies of Jaeger combat to Jason. It’s not all fun and games, though, as it’s in service of the Pacific Rim Uprising tie-in comic from Webtoons! Steve also gives us a quick synopsis of Travis Hanson’s RPG one-shot comic, Life of the Party. Finally, the guys start the post-500 era off right with a review of Steve Conley’s The Middle Age. Goofy fantasy and dad-style puns are in your future, if you can stand up to the bullying sword you’re carrying around.


Digital Strips Episode 462: We’ve Done Did This

Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid Of The Dark?Thanks to the frights in the comic, Behind You, Jason relives his crippling fear of the dark and what lurks in the shadows. Steve, on the other hand, enjoys the bright, gamemaker’s frivolity in The Meatly. Also, Travis Hanson has a Kickstarter that might finally pop Steve’s crowdfunding cherry.


Help Fund The Bean Vol. 1: Riddles and Shrooms

Another day, another Kickstarter. This time around, it’s Travis Hanson, who’s asking for help getting his first collection of The Bean off the ground. He’s also posting updates to the project as they come along, so there’s more reason to visit the KS page and pledge your money to help him out. To his credit, it looks like the funding process is already going along swimmingly.

The Bean Vol. 1: Riddles and Shrooms