DS 702: Review THROWBACK feat. Theseus

Jack Black is Nacho Libre

We impersonate one another, infiltrate a cult, try to get out of our responsibilities, and learn that pigs can explode as we look back at Jordan Holt’s razor-sharp comic about a dull boy, Theseus, in this delightfully god-like episode of Digital Strips!


DS 644: Theseus

If you love stories about Greek gods but want them taken just a bit less seriously, Jordan Holt’s Theseus is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Jason likens it to the Greek pantheon through the filter of Napoleon Dynamite and Steve concurs. Don’t miss the blog posts either, which are full of their own wit and wisdom, and aren’t required reading to enjoy the story itself. Great work all around, Jordan, now work on those mountains.