Digital Strips Podcast 283 – Review – Rock Manlyfist

I start this episode out with a bit of a content warning, because the comic is about as safe for work as a honey badger covered in porn and racial epithets, however I probably should have also sounded the douche alert as I said some things that sounded way better in my head during the recording than they did in my ears during the editing phase.

We start this week’s show with a discussion on artists ask for donations, the various senses of entitlement people on the Internet have, and the whole Web economy as a whole.

Then we jump right in to the biggest pool of testosterone and chest hair this side of my bathroom. Rock Manlyfist by Johan Wanloo is a big topless love letter to the action heroes of yesteryear; the men who save our world countless times and all they asked for was a steady stream of burgers, women and strange real estate. If you think you’re man enough to fight back the viking resurgence and ninja infestations, saddle up and join us, for this week’s episode of Digital Strips.

Hijinks Ensue 3:15
Optipess 4:15
Loading Artist 4:30
Cowbirds in Love 5:00
Order of the Stick 6:45

Ad by King Tractor press (not the creepy thing I mentioned, that was the comic)

Battlepug Ratfist Bearmageaddon Axecop
Skadi 21:00
Lackadaisy 23:00

I also want to make it clear, I have no problem with a simple donation button by the side of your side. I have a problem with drawing attention to it and insinuating that people owe you.