DS 613: Conversation with Justin Jordan and John Amor

They have a massively successful webcomic on the Webtoons platform, two amazing careers in comics already, and a new Kickstarter to bring their Webtoon, Urban Animal, to life in print. Jason talked with both of the creators behind Urban Animal, Justin Jordan and John Amor, about everything from working with the Webtoons platform to their forays into the Zuda Comics contests of over a decade ago.


Interview ~WITH~ Creators of The Guns of Shadow Valley (The Santa Barbara Independent)

Yet another perk of following a webcomic’s RSS feed; creators tend to mention when they are interviewed or mentioned in other media, thus providing you with a quickie post you don’t really even have to exert any effort towards! Thanks, James and David!

Go here and read a nice write-up of the comic The Geek and I universally agreed should win the Eisner this year, including some process stuff (always a favorite of mine) as well as general items about the comic in general. If you haven’t already, the link below will let you read the story thus far. Highly recommended.

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