Digital Strips Podcast 294 – Review – Fredo and Pid’jin

This is going to be another post from me where I point out that I’m posting despite the fact that it’s a holiday over here and expect Internet cookies for my troubles.

Today we’re looking at quite possibly the most vulgar and violent comic starring birds that we’ve ever had the pleasure of bring before you. If you like your comics completely saccharine, you may want to skip this one (don’t skip the show of course, it’s actually one of our funniest ones).

This week, between evidences of Jason’s complete wankerness, we take a look at Fredo and Pid’jin, a comic about, you’ll never guess, Fredo and Pid’jin, two evil birds who just want what we all want sometimes, a little bit of love … followed by a whole lot of ending the world and killing our closest friends.

We also yammer on about deja-vu, the logistics of squirrel boobs, how tough Jason isn’t and what would happen if we both grew wings.

The following sites/comics also warrant mentioning:
Little Minsters 6:45
Shiver Bearua 7:30
Monster Pro Wrestling 8:15
Evil Inc 10:00

The music in the middle over the discovery of Jason’s true nature is ‘A Hint of Blue‘ by Gibs and Mordi.