Digital Strips Podcast 256 – Review – Max Overacts (DO NOT PANIC)

08/23/2011: Never ForgetEarthquakes! Hurricanes! These are the natural disasters that I, your intrepid East Coast webcomics correspondent, endured this week to bring you this, our finest episode ever! Yep, that is a bit of hyperbole I’m throwing your way, but it was fun nonetheless.

We’ve got Legend of Zelda naughty bits euphemisms, why it’s no longer funny to say use Google in a sexual context, and Who You Diggin’, a sub-segment where we try to save the first segment from ridiculousness and insanity by actually talking about what webcomics we’re enjoying for the week. These comics are:

And what better game remix and help redeem the podcast that one of the best video games of the last decade, possibly century, Super Mario Galaxy. This mix, titled, “Fill Me Up With Snacky Happiness” (9:34), is much, much less dirty than it sounds. This first sound break ends at (11:59), for those that care to skip right to the talking.

News Minute! Not a terrible amount of stuff to talk about, much two comics are coming back after hiatus/season finale (your definition of these breaks will depend on whether or not you agree comics can run in a seasonal update pattern) and Kate Beaton picked up her first Harvey Award.

Our music break comes to us courtesy of Memotone’s “Fractal” (16:48). Given all the natural occurrences surrounding me lately and this artist’s propensity for using nature to create beautiful music, it seemed apt. Again, (18:48) is the target if you’re looking to get right back to the action.

Back during the Eisners Award season, we took a quick look at Canaan Grall’s Max Overacts as one of five nominees (ok, to be fair, I took a quick look at it, Steve apparently read the entire archives then and there). We’re now taking on the entire series, both of us, together, and it’s a good thing too because it turns out this is quite the amazing comic. I just hope that, after listening to our review, people stop comparing it to Calvin and Hobbes as the only thing the two works have in common is the high quality exhibited therein.

Finally, after the show proper, we have another chatty segment, which Steve is thus far titling, “Rambletron” (35:08). If you like more quality Arnold Schwarzanegger impersonations, information about Steve’s friend’s poo that you probably didn’t need, and the idea that Virginian’s could save the planet after a 5.8 earthquake by jumping on a big pile of humpin’, that you’ve come to the right place. If not, I’ve provided you with the time stamp so you know what to avoid. We did, however, manage to work in a couple of webcomics amongst the rambling.


Webcomic Interview Round-Up

RoundupBecause really, what else should a write-up like this be called?

Kate Beaton talks to Newsarama for a 2-part series (Part 1, Part 2)

The Boston Globe talks with Jeph Jacques, Jeffery Rowland, Rich Stevens, Randy Milholland,  and Michael Terracciano about the business of webcomics

At CBR, Talkin’ Comics with Tim sits down with Canaan Grall