DS 672: Max Overacts Strips 400-500

Doug Funnie and his ventriloquist's dummy

It’s the holidays, so we returned to a comic we know we love and that feels like home. Max Overacts by Caanan Grall is full of fun, mischief, wild children, but most of all, heart. We looked at strips 400 thru 500 of the comic, taking us up to the most current posted story. Grab some nog, throw a log on the fire, listen to our review, and curl up with this great comic.


Caanan Grall (Max Overacts, Celadore) Combines Marvel’s Thor With Muppets, Succeeds With Time To Spare

You recall the name Caanan Grall, yes? Creator of Zuda winner (how much longer will that be a thing?) Celadore? Eisner-nominated Max Overacts? Good? Good. Then all you need to know is that Grall participated in the 24-hour Challenge this year and the product was a Thor/Muppets mash-up comic. If you haven’t clicked yet, then you probably won’t because you hate good things.

Muppets/Thor mash-up by Caanan Grall