DS 660: Brothers Bond

An x-ray image of lungs and the heart

Yoshi did a bad thing and his self-imposed exile from the birthright of his kingdom will lead to horrible consequences for pretty much everyone he knows in Brothers Bond. But when you’re rich and famous, you can run away whenever you want and everything will end up ok, right? Right? Hear our divided thoughts on the tropes at play in this fun tale (as well as a bonus story from Jason about the time he ran away from home) and then read it for yourself!


DS 505: Save Room For Some Nom-Noms?

Num NomsIf you haven’t sat and debated the nature of classic Looney Tunes characters, then do we have a fascinating illustrated conversation to share with you! Also, we’re looking at the 2018 Eisner nominees for Best Webcomic (scroll to the very bottom of the list). There is some outstanding work represented, but the people who choose these comics would do well to provide some new categories so the various subjects can breathe a bit more. Still, a lot of good stuff to check out, so we can’t complain too much!