Digital Strips Podcast 254 – Review – Aquapunk (More Aqua Than Punk, Really)

The vengeance... it will be furryThis week, we go under the sea (under the sea) to take a look at Aquapunk by Lauren Baker, a tale of the downtrodden rising up against an oppressive regime in the (art) style of the Hellboy books. We take a look to find out if this take on epic storytelling sinks or swims.

We also spend way too much time talking about Steve’s strange willingness to forgive Brenden Fraser for everything he’s ever done and Jason’s unwillingness to look beyond the hair styles in a movie. We hit on the new PA/PVP team up and just have a lot of fun.

Sorry for the quick recap, here are some show notes. I’d love to read some comments.

Peace out.

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