DS 705: Review THROWBACK feat. Twistwood Tales

The massive cast of characters from TV's The Simpsons

We contend with a massive cast of adorable and horrific characters while somehow understanding and loving them all like our own creations as we journey once again to AC MacDonald’s Twistwood Tales in this spellbinding episode of Digital Strips!


DS 704: Review THROWBACK feat. Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury

The New Day makes their entrance at WrestleMania dressed like Dragon Ball Z characters

We continue tripping (the good way) through epic, embarrassing mishaps, watch the artwork evolve and progress, and ask why no one really seems to have a good plan in our second look at Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury by Daniel de Sosa in this surely doomed episode of Digital Strips!


DS 703: Review THROWBACK feat. BaDoom

Cover illustration from Sirk's latest comic, Big Tiddie Goth Girlfriends on the Moon!

We get to know the dogs really well, learn why bindles don’t work with swords, and recall why being a young man around constant cleavage can be tough with our second look at Sirk’s BaDoom in this wacky wasteland episode of Digital Strips!


DS 702: Review THROWBACK feat. Theseus

Jack Black is Nacho Libre

We impersonate one another, infiltrate a cult, try to get out of our responsibilities, and learn that pigs can explode as we look back at Jordan Holt’s razor-sharp comic about a dull boy, Theseus, in this delightfully god-like episode of Digital Strips!