DS 675: Demon Street

Johnny Cage punches Goro in the manbags in the movie, Mortal Kombat

After talking about Bree Paulsen’s hiatus from Patrik the Vampire, the guys take some time to get lost and then find themselves in the endearingly fantastical tale of Demon Street by Aliza Layne. Though the hosts disagree on the appeal of the main characters, they both agree that this mix of horrifying creatures and well-crafted wonder is worth leaving your parents behind for.


DS 674: Ice Massacre

Look not to the sea, fair listener, for it promises nothing but death and decay. Well, maybe love too, if you’re lucky. But with a story called Ice Massacre, do you really expect to find a relationship you want to root for? Creators Tiana Warner and April Pierce bring two parts violent death and one part love story to this dank tale, featuring Dances with Wolves tones and too few nipples. Set sail, adventurer!


DS 673: DPS Only!

The cast of Dazed and Confused stands together in a hallway

In our first review of 2022, we look at DPS Only!, a comic by Velinxi, which caught our eye thanks to the esports gaming setting and kept us hooked with drama and relationships that we truly cared about. This story also inspired talk about the role of sexism in gaming, a subject we admit to being ill-equipped to say much about. Also, is creepy older male captain creepy? Steve files his report. All that, plus new focuses for reviews in the new year!