Digital Strips 412 Ligers, Gators and Pedofiles Oh My

white gator

Skeletor’s Balls, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted the podcast. So to reward you fine folks I’m giving you one of the most fun episodes in recent memory. We talk about crazy animal horders, people who have our names as well as bad places to find ticks and worse things you can find in the sand. We get some comics in to. We get submerged by Aqaupunk,enchanted by Pepper and Carrot, entralled by Books of Adam and totally derailed by Campfire Stories. We end up with the most serious discussion that we’ve ever had about linguistics and butts. Join us please.


Episode 411: Spaghetti or Walker?

Boromir knows how to cook spaghettiWe start with one of the most prominent mobile game releases in recent memory and end up discussing the consistency of various types of pasta. Don’t worry, while talking about comics in the second segment, we coin the term “Skeletor’s balls” thanks to Wicked Crispy. It’s also time to take a look at ANOTHER KC Green joint, and Ryan Estrada just can’t stop doing things, either, so we have a look at his latest project. All that, plus, our memories of the late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Stay tuned after the outro to feel the pain of being a nerdy know-it-all at the public library.


Pro Grapplers Episode 4: It Came Crashing Down … And It Hurts Inside

Fandango is coming to WWE RAWBREAKING: It turns out a superstar from a historically racist entertainment venue might also be racist. That doesn’t make the sting of the Hulkster’s words any less lasting. Also, we may have another superstar title for Steve (Snake Handler!) and we run down the card from Battleground! This includes such classics as broken Kane, why there’s nothing sexual about the Figure 8, the whereabouts of Fandango, and why you feel the need to punch the Miz (hint: it’s Sunday).