Digital Strips Podcast 314 – Book Club – Gunnerkrigg Court, Second Edition

Here I go again on my own. Posting on the only blog I’m podcastin’ on. Like a vampire, I was born to walk alone.

Not alone in the podcast though, that would be terrible. Trust me, 30 minutes of me saying “ummm….” and “I’m lonely” is not good talk radio on the Internet.

This week we’re gathering our books and pressing our uniforms for another semester at Gunnerkrigg Court. We cover pages 201 through 396, going over what happens in each chapter, how we feel about what happens in each chapter and how much I wish Jason had never read Harry Potter.

We also talk about such vitally important topics as Carly Rae Jepsen, hot Asian ladies dancing in offices, murder, responsive web design, girl Hooters (it’s not what you think), how to teach kids to swear and most interestingly, Jason’s butt cheeks.

So join us won’t you. I van’t promise you won’t regret it, but I can promise you won’t regret it for very long. And that’s still a pretty good deal.

Thanks, Obama.

Show Notes:

Brood Hollow
Briar Hollow
Chainsaw Suit
BrentalFloss the comic
Muscles Diable
Table Titans

Music in the middle is so awesome it took three guys to make it: Brothersynthe, The Duke and Trenthian.


Digital Strips Podcast 313 – Review – Dead Duck

It’s time for Episode 313 of The Digital Strips Podcast, where we review the comic, Dead Duck, and I have more comics to talk about than Steve. What.

I’d also like to extend a hearty, warm welcome to Steve’s wife, who has now had her first Digital Strips experience. Unfortunately, it was probably also her last due to copious amounts of weiner talk. Whoops.

On the webcomics front, we’ve got a full docket of news and opinions. If you want to catch up with us on we’ve been reading, you should check out these comics:

We also have a news item, that of Kazu Kibuishi being chosen as the artist to do new covers for the 15th anniversary of Harry Potter (9:14). Even with all Kazu has accomplished in his illustrious career, that is pretty cool news. Congrats, Kazu!

On more of a downer note, our final, pre-review mentions come courtesy of a couple of creators who have gotten out of their creative rhythm. Sure, this happens all the time, but when I see two higher-profile people laying out their woes for all to see, it feels like something to talk about. Their comics are:

If you’re a fan of either creator and have a moment, why not drop them a line and remind them how much you love their stuff? For that matter, why not take a moment and write your favorite creator, regardless of medium, and tell them you like their work? If there’s one thing creative people need more than money, it’s validation. Also cupcakes.

The midshow break/chat is complimented by a mix from Super Mario Galaxy by Guifrog called “Little Glockenspiel”. I chose it because I love that game. We talked about urinary infections because that’s what we do.

Our reviews system is based on finding smaller, off-the-beaten-path gems that might otherwise go overlooked in this massive comics ecosystem we inhabit. Steve can take credit this week for finding a true diamond in the rough.

  • (18:47) Dead Duck

I’ll go on record as saying this didn’t impress me much from the get-go. Actually, Steve will  as well. But by the time the final, archived strip is finished, you come to root for this band of underdogs and their tattered, broken relationships. That creator Jay P. Fosgitt can drive us to have emotional reactions to these cartoonish heroes is a credit to his abilities. Some other comics that came to mind in our discussion:

I won this one, so I’m going to go savor the flavor of this victory and come back again next week to defend my title. Later!


Digital Strips Podcast 312 – Review – All New Issues

We have a new rival here at Digital Strips and we don’t even know their names. We found a podcast older than us and we just don’t like them.

This week, Jason brings to the table All New Issues, a comic that strikes a little too close to home in some ways and not at all in others. We talk about how much it reminds us of other comics and how in this case, that’s a good thing.

We also talk about our mysterious patron, little ways you at home can change the world by hugging garbage, why litter is horrible, why Gallager is not as horrible as you may think, why Jason can’t pronouce the name of this show, Steve gives tax advice and Jason turns around and gives career advice to Pat Bennatar.

Play at home game: count how many euthinism Steve has (Note – I’m editing this post for typos and I can’t figure out what Steve meant here, so “euthinism” stands – Jason).

Always remember: We’re a podcast. People don’t listen to me, we’re in trouble.

Show Notes, I’ll have links up later in the day.
Table Titans
Kiwi Blitz
Order of the Stick
Sidekick Quests
The Untold Tales of Bigfoot
The Abomiable Charles Christopher
Monster Pulse
Girls with Slingshots
Looking for Group
The Rack