Digital Strips 191 – Review: Gastrophobia

We already knew that barbarians can leap into the fray, sword raised he and while wearing nothing more than an animal skin drive an entire army of their enemies before them to the sounds of the lamentation of their women. But in today’s comic, Gastrophobia, we learn whether or not a barbarian can love.

This week we look at Gastrophobia, by David McGuire. It’s the story of a hardworking single mother Phobia and her quest to raise her short dumpy son according to her values despite a world who doesn’t share them. She also stabs monsters in the back and bosses their slave around. But this is Ancient Greece where such activities were considered moral.

This is another Jason pick, will his streak of unpolishable turds continue, or have I opened my heart enough to allow other people’s tastes a place inside? Find out on this episode of Digital Strips.

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