Silly Daddy Blasts Into Space with Star Chosen Sci-Fi Novel

Star Chosen: A Science Fiction Space Opera for the Whole Family.

It’s a 67,000 word science fiction novel called “Star Chosen.” The book took over five years to write and is a cross between Battlestar Galactica, Narnia, and of course, Silly Daddy. Star Chosen, the 126 page, softcover book retails for $10 US and is available now through Amazon. The book’s back cover description follows:

“Deleting history was just the beginning. Blast off with STAR CHOSEN, a space opera! After war, heartbreak, and the erasure of all history and culture, whose side will you fight on: the Proud… or the Chosen? In a time yet to come, the high-tech Faith War threatens to destroy all religions across the universe. One small yet bold group, known as ‘the Chosen,’ survives, but will they rebuild, or be torn to space dust across a cold universe?”

While the printed book is available through Amazon, the novel is also selling on Chiappetta’s website as an e-Book in all the major e-Reader formats: ePub, Mobi, PDF and even as a TXT file. Star Chosen, the e-Book, sells for $5, and is DRM-free. The book can be loaded onto multiple devices, and can be read on the Kindle, Sony E-Reader, iPhone, iPad, any computer, and any smartphone


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