April Fools Day Ride Again (just like Ernest)

It’s Crazy Internet Day. The one day of the year where the Internet and all it netizins decide that it’s OK to lie. April Fool’s day and Web comics go way back like Mr. Peabody and it’s always fun for us readers. I like to keep a running tab of all the jokes people make, you know for posterity. There’s less this year than some because it doesn’t fall on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday which is the update schedule for many comics but I was still able to find a bunch in just a ½ hour of looking (I gots to work ya know).

Here’s what I’ve found so far.

Nedroid takes over T-Rex’s gig

Darin finally grows up at Imagine This

Gastrophobia, Girly and others take a stab at Zuda.

XKCD goes command line

A general warning about the holiday by Rich Stevens of Diesel Sweeties

Whatever the crap this is over at QC.

Pajama Forest does a bonus comic.

Not sure if it’s a joke, an ad or just a regular comic, but Order of the Stick made me laugh.

If you see anything else, let me know in the comments. If I find any more I’ll be sure to add it.


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