Round-Table Update 4/4/10

For the longest time I’ve been wanting to do this but I was hoping to hire someone because there are just so many feeds to go through. What I’ll be doing are random updates on comics that are reported as self-sufficient. Why? Because we all want to do the same and what better way to figure out how then by studying the ways of those before us?

Clevinger reports there will be a brief delay in How I Killed Your Master pages due to poor planning. Something about needing to write pages before they can be drawn. Don’t know how that’s supposed to move you along the covenant road but it does show we are all victim to the same problems.

Kochalka has some great little paintings in a group show called Small Favors, at Giant Robot in NYC. Oh, and I’ve also got some little paintings in another Giant Robot show, Game Over, in San Francisco.

While recovering from PAX East and their book tour he pointed out two things. First is a disturbing video of the PAX East witch. Second is something that never occurred to me I would ever be interested in. Gabe and Tycho are up for Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people of the year poll.

Turns out WonderCon has been going on all weekend. I really have to keep up with the Convention tour list.

Dave Kellet reports he will be going in on a second printing on Sheldon book two: The Good, The Bad & The Pugly. It’s a wonderful sign of support for the strip, and means there’s a lot of love for Sheldon, out there! For an independent cartoonist like myself, there is no kinder support you can show than picking up a book in the Sheldon Store. It directly relates to the continued good health of the strip and the site.


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