Intervention: Your Online Life, In Person. A Convention with Webcomics, Videos, Music, and You – September 10-12 2010 at the Hilton Washington DC.

Intervention is a convention for the independent comics, art, and music creator. The con was started by webcomic creator Onezumi Hartstein and web developer James Harknell. This goal is to bring together different independent creators to party, educate, and appreciate the opportunities the Internet gives to all of us.

Intervention will have awesome geek-related programming and gaming all day and night from Friday through Sunday. There will be one dance party where the audience can assist the DJ in making live music and one NYC-style dance party. In addition to the Artist’s Alley/Vendor Room over 23 webcomic and New Media experts will attend. The con is still being planned. Discussion is being held on the Intervention forum.
If you need more information or you want to schedule an interview with the con chairs, please contact


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