2 thoughts on “DS 70: Review of Atland

  1. wow zampzon has a job? it\’s like when you see a teacher outside of school… never would have expected it.

  2. Thanks for the review, guys. I mostly agree with all your points.

    As far as the gratuitous cleavage…I hope you also noticed that not ONE of those girls is disproportinately skinny. I LOATHE super hero books where the women have a 6\” waiste and double F breasts. It doesn\’t happen in real life without surgery. My ladies may be top heavy, but they\’ve got the body to carry it. And it\’s become a trademark of the series. I\’m proud to be lumped in with stylistic tastes like Vaughn Bode and Mitch Byrd.

    …and that brings us to your statement that ATLAND is a \”guy strip\”. I\’d like to give you a hearty, \”No way\” on that one. I get a healthy amount of reader mail from women. Besides enjoying the humor, they appreciate that I show the female form with all of its real-world curves. I\’d also venture a guess that I\’m one of the few comics with the highest rate of lesbian and bisexual female fans — that isn\’t really a comic FOR alternative lifestyles. Let\’s not forget, that the priestess Lily, the smartest person in the whole strip…is a lesbian. I originally intended that as just an ironic joke (she\’s eye candy for all the men, but they can never have her…) but it\’s become an important part of her character.

    Looking back, I mostly agree that the Bush gag was breaking that \”third wall\” a bit much, but I\’ve always followed my gut on this project. Like you said, my endings are rarely predictable and it\’s never been about giving the fans what they want or ask for…it\’s about amusing myself. It\’s what makes me laugh when I\’m writing these. I\’m just glad that there\’s an audience who has the same sense of humor.

    As far as the cloudsplitters (the dwarven seige weapons) not being seen before episode 74, I\’ll give you the answer I give everyone who notices a continuity issue: \”A wizard must have done it.\” After all, you can\’t expect me to not add NEW and interesting plot items just because I didn\’t think of it two years ago.

    I consider it a triumph that you guys had such a hard time coming up with bad things to say about ATLAND. 🙂

    Thanks again.

    ~Nate Piekos

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