Listening to the Arcade for Less than a Penny

Hello all you happy web comic reading people.

If any of you haven’t yet, I highly suggest taking a listen to the Penny Arcade podcast. I know Penny Arcade is hugely popular (and should be) but they really haven’t made a big deal out of the show and you kind of have to scroll down to find it, so I’m sure some folks don’t know about it yet.

Rather than an organized or planned presentation, the Penny Arcade podcasts is just Gabe and Tycho talking as they go through the process of writing that days strip. To me, it’s really interesting to listen to a joke form from infancy into comichood, plus you get to here all the ideas that didn’t make the cut, which is really funny. The guys are looking for feedback on the show so if you enjoy it let them know.

Even if you don’t read or like PA, I recommend listening at least once, just to get a peek into the creative process. Plus you get sort of a voyeuristic high listening in on someone else conversation. As always with Penny Arcade, steer clear if naughty words offend, although I really thought I’d hear more.


2 thoughts on “Listening to the Arcade for Less than a Penny

  1. Mr. The Geek, you and I are of the same mind on this matter. Hell, we even use the same LANGUAGE to make this opinion known.

    It\’s such a rare chance to sit in on the brainstorming process behind a comic strip or comic book, let alone one as well-known and well-done as PA. The jokes are so perfectly focused, but at the same time completely ridiculous; it just amazes me how they distill a point down to the basics and provide a joke and punchline in three panels or less that makes me laugh hard enough to actually make my sides split.

    Seriously. After the first appearance of Twisp and Catsby, I had to be hospitalized for a week. I still can\’t go near that archived goodness for fear of reopening that old wound.

    Here\’s to hoping for many more insider \’casts, maybe even one explaining the impetus behind the odd feline/devil team-up. Keep it up fellas. I dig it.

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