How Are We Gonna Get Rid Of All This Pudding!

The big names in comics continue to make their tentative forays to the computron. The question “can they dominate the webernet the way they’ve dominated print?” has been raised. The answer is no & no. Unless diamond gets an exclusivity deal in hosting on the webernet, and even then, some places would remain open to independents.

The Lulufriends have assembled to form the Friends of Lulu Empowerment Fund to raise money, initially, to help Taki Soma whose story has captured the attentions even of Internet Jesus. Go. Read. It is important, significant, and not a joke. It is, in fact, the opposite.

Sequential Tart has an interview with Lisa Jonte of whom you may be aware from her job as an editrix.

I can’t read this but I feel its significance. Click.

My sensitive earballs smell t3h drama brewing.

This is pretty significant and so is this. They’re pretty different, though.

And there’s also the ‘zaminer.

Okay, back in the hole for me… but don’t tell her I called her that.

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