Digital Strips Podcast 304 – Review – Walking On Broken Glass

It’s that time of year, the one that makes everything we touch, everything we do, everything we attempt both scatter-brained and unfocused. Why, take this podcast, for instance. Sure, it’s well-intentioned and full of mirth, but behind that joyful facade lies a think layer of respiratory ails and troubled children. Sometimes these circumstances breed the best podcasts though, so we’ll see what turns up this time around.

How about the Wii U? Enough webcomics have focused on the newest kit from Nintendo to make it a worthwhile topic on our show. And since I actually have first-hand accounts of the magical, mystical device, all the better! If that’s not enough, we also have comics we’ve been reading, checking out, and talking about:

Our featured review comic this episode purports to have a heavy dose of the supernatural (our discussion reveals possibly otherwise), so I’m using that as an excuse for another awesome remix of Castlevania tunes from Overclocked Remix.

Using the copy direct from the comic’s website, our review centers around a comic that features “a supernatural office dramedy romance about murder”.

It’s hard to say whether we just don’t get this comic because it’s not “for us”, or if it just doesn’t hit enough of the right notes to sing the way its potential would have you believe it does. That distinction aside, the work on this comic has come a long way since the beginning back in October of 2010. Our recommendation is that you plow through the archives yourself and come back to us with your thoughts on this unique webcomic.

Also, don’t forget our thoughts on why we hate all of you one-webcomic-reading bastards, Steve confusing The Honeymooners with Moonlighting, me admitting to watching Moonlighting (my parents’ fault, I swear), and why Steve and I are both tired of picnics. Enjoy!