Episode 428: Chewie Is Dead … Inside

Sad ChewbaccaLTTP as per usual, but Jason and Steve finally lay down their thoughts about The Force Awakens. Did it live up to the hype? Is Poe Dameron really that good? Could Chewbacca be more dead inside? Must we give Rey so much pause to reflect and grow and learn? The answers await you in the first, extra-long segment! In the second, now shorter segment, comics rule the day, with chatter about He Is a Good Boy, Thunderpaw, Space Case, ShootAround, Never Satisfied, Delilah Dirk, and some freaky Korean webcomic. Now let’s find the tiny but fatal flaw in this whole thing and blow it to smithereens!


Episode 425: Swiper No Swiping

Swiper from Dora the ExplorerThe moment we’ve all been waiting for is here! And Jason has the perfect advice to those waiting on long lines to awaken the Force! Also, did you know that ghosts are all around us? While you ponder that little nugget, check out the new webcomics list that Jason found, and the subsequent comics that are worth checking out from it, like The Immortal Nadia Greene and Starhammer. Steve also has a couple things to check out with Clockwork and Dead Heat. Stay tuned after the outro to hear Steve learn a very valuable lesson, Sesame Street-style.


Episode 421: We Have No Choice

Daniel Fleetwood and his wife, Ashley

RIP, Daniel, and May the Force Be With You

MAAAAAAN, is it a good time to be a geek! Just ask Steve, preeminent geek around these parts and enjoyer of all things Blizzard. His excitement for Starcraft and Hearthstone expansions carries things through to the second segment, wherein webcomics are discussed. Toss a dart, you’re bound to hit a winner on the Nerd Board!


Episode 419: Thank You For Believing In Me, Here’s A Murdered Gungan

Lorenzo LamasLIVE! FOR THE FIRST TIME! Witness Steve’s reaction to the new trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens! Will they ever do this kind of thing again?!? Probably not. We will learn why Steve missed out on racist Transformers and why Gumby is on his list of most anticipated remakes that Hollywood could tackle next. Then it’s time to talk comics, and there are some wonderful things to talk about, including a listener submission. Come back after the outro if your name isn’t Ryan (if you are named Ryan, keep it in your pants).