Episode 449: (Pokemon) Going Like Hot Takes

Pokemon Go as seen on CBS NewsLike everyone else in the country, we’re playing “Pokemon Go”. Ok, Jason is, and he’s relaying his thoughts and hot takes to Steve, who probably has by the time this posts. Right? Once they’re free of the zeitgeist, it’s on to webcomics! This episode, Jason introduces us to Rainbow Mansion and Brown Paperbag, while Steve wants everyone to check out what might happen in The Very Near Future. Do stick around after the outro for Jason’s thoughts on adult coloring books and how Steve thinks the couple that creates together, stays together. Also, one of our first ever bleeped F-bombs!


Episode 414: Use The Force, Don’t Use Force

hijinks-comic(Image above from Joel Watson’s Hijinks Ensue; it got a lot of replay this week as it super-accurately predicted the recent Apple news. Way to observe that crystal ball, Joel!)

APPLE NEWS! APPLE NEWS! SEO! Wait, what? New Apple products are on the horizon and everyone is in a tizzy! Well, everyone but Steve. Blissfully unaware Steve. He is, however, crazy stoked for the arrival of our Poke-overlords to arrive next year on all of our connected smart devices! Meanwhile, Jason got the chance to take in a Super Art Fight and his report should be enough to make you want to join him for the next one. WHEEL OF DEATH! WHEEL OF DEATH! WHEEL OF DEATH!