Episode 446: In My Mech, Having A Moment

Superman, as imagined by Chris Haley, dressed like a female superheroPlaying Overwatch? Want to hear why Jason will only play Pharah, and little else? Great! If not, then the second segment is for you! It’s chock full of webcomics nuggets, including Disney’s Delilah Dirk movie, Grumpy Cat’s Garfield-like webcomic, a thing called Yumi Cells, and two new coloring books from The Oatmeal. Jason really doesn’t like the whole adult coloring book fad and it makes for a fun end to the show. Come back after the outro for far more frivolous conversation about selling out as a teen and how prevalent Looney Tunes were in the clothing section at Wal-Mart. 

(Image provided by Chris Haley, artist of Let’s Be Friends Again, found in the article, Why Do We Care So Much About What Female Superheroes Wear, Anyway? on i09.com)


Episode 442: Today, In Civil War News …

John Cena appears on Live With Kelly And MichaelWhen you love both sides equally, how can you possibly be expected to choose? Ripa and Strahan or Iron Man and Captain America, whatever the rivalry, the quandry remains the same. It’s not difficult at all to get excited about the webcomics in this episode, though! We talk about the Eisner nominees, Overwatch getting its comics due, and yet another Ryan Estrada project to get pumped about. Stay tuned after the outro to hear Jason whine about yard work, even though he is an adult.



Episode 423: Good and Moist

The Oatmeal comic about the word "moist"Back from Thanksgiving, where the turkey was lean and moist, the stuffing was rich and moist, and the gravy was hearty and … moist. If that doesn’t creep you out, check out why Steve can’t wait to get into Overwatch and how much he laments the fact that Jason already is. Also, webcomics! Jason loves lists so he runs down 7 Awesome Webcomics You Should Be Reading (and probably already are) while Steve delves deep into the Dwarf Fortress for a couple of picks. Listen in post-outro for a quick story about Steve’s wife, who happens to be Zhu-ish.