Episode 436: Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Things

WWE Superstar Sheamus sporting a flattened mohawk

Another week, another nostalgia trip. This time, the guys spend the first segment reminiscing about Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles. Can either of the new films be good, or at least worthy of the venerable titles they carry? Think back to what those properties were back in the day and you have your answer. And TMNT has Bebop AND Rocksteady, which is all Steve needs to get his butt in the seat. However, it’s all new stuff in the second segment, with looks at Greasy Space Monkeys, Jake Likes Onions, some new webcomics-based books, and a new comic experience from one of the 2 Broke Girls! Tune in to find out which one, and listen after the outro for a discussion about blood, sweat, and barbed wire.